Amendment #1

to the

Northeast Texas Municipal Water District

Clean Rivers Program FY 2008/2009 QAPP








Prepared by the Northeast Texas Municipal Water District

In Cooperation with the

Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ)











Questions concerning this QAPP should be directed to:


Randy Rushin

Water Monitoring Solutions, Inc.

PO Box 1132

Sulphur Springs, TX 75483

Phone: 903-439-4741

FAX: 903-439-0021




Effective: Date to be inserted by TCEQ Lead QA Specialist


Justification:  The QAPP is being amended due to a change in consulting firms since the QAPP was approved.  The new consultants are Water Monitoring Solutions, Inc. (WMS) and Castilaw Environmental, LLC (CES) who are replacing HDR.


Additionally, Ammonia water samples will be analyzed by filtration rather than distillation starting with the third quarter of FY08 samples.


Detail of Changes: Changing consultants affects most sections of the QAPP.  The primary alteration of the approved QAPP is replacing HDR with WMS and CES.  The sections affected include the Title Page, List of Acronyms, Section A3 Distribution List, A4 Project/Task Organization, Figure A4.1 Project Organization Chart, A9 Documents and Records, Table A9.1 Project Documents and Records, B10 Data Management, C1 Assessments and Response Actions, Table C1.1 Assessments and Response Requirements, Appendix B, Appendix C Field/Laboratory/Assessment Data Sheets, and Appendix D - Chain-Of-Custody Forms.


Analyzing Ammonia by filtration rather than distillation affects Table A7.1 - Measurement Performance Specifications by changing the Limit of Quantitation (LOQ) from 0.1 mg/L to 0.02 mg/L.  This change does not affect the storet code, method number, holding times, or other items.


Distribution:  QAPP Amendments/Revisions to Appendices will be distributed to all personnel on the distribution list maintained by the Planning Agency.


These changes will be incorporated into the QAPP document and TCEQ and the Northeast Texas Municipal Water District will acknowledge and accept these changes by signing this amendment.



The following signatures are required for this Amendment:






Monitoring Operations Division






Laurie Curra                                           Date            

Clean Rivers Program                                                  





Jennifer Delk                                   Date                  

Project Manager; Clean Rivers Program          





Jennifer Delk                                   Date                  

Project QA Specialist; Clean Rivers Program   





Compliance Support Division





Daniel R. Burke                                       Date

Lead CRP Quality Assurance Specialist;

Quality Assurance Section






Northeast Texas Municipal Water District





Walt Sears, Jr., General Manager            Date                 







Marty Muse, Project Manager                 Date                 




Water Monitoring Solutions, Inc.





Randy Rushin, Project Manager                                                                                                Date              







Augustine De La Cruz                                                                                                               Date

Quality Assurance Officer/Data Manager






Castilaw Environmental Services, LLC.





Anthony Castilaw, Data Manager                                                                                                          Date                


Ana-Lab Corp.





Bill Peery                                                 Date                     

Executive Vice President                                              






Roy White                                                Date

Quality Assurance Officer